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Kitchen remodleing

Functional, beautiful, comfortable Interior Remodeling

For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Families tend to gather here, attracted by the nurturing warmth, inviting aromas, homey activity, and anticipation of a meal worth savoring together. Beauty and efficiency can interweave to create a lovely, practical space for your creative culinary endeavors.

Living and Dining Rooms

Live in comfort, entertain in style

Living and dining rooms are simultaneously public and private spaces in your home. You’ll entertain friends here, bond with family, and spend quiet moments in solitude as well. Balance elegance and coziness to create spaces that accommodate all your moods and activities.

Bed and Bath remodeling

Functional beauty, nurturing serenity

We typically begin and end our days here. Make your bed and bath an elegant and efficient suite to prepare for a new day, a comfortable and functional space for self-care, a serene retreat to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate.

High-Rise Apartment Suites

Spectacular views, indoors and out

Remodeling in a high-rise apartment is a rare and demanding skill. With neighbors living above and below, and strict building rules for access and activity, there are unique challenges to successful construction. After years of work in many exclusive San Francisco addresses, Wellbuilt has mastered the requirements of continuous noise and dust abatement, discreet debris removal, protection of existing spaces, navigating building logistics, and more. If you are fortunate enough to live in a high-rise, you know how an expansive view of the Bay Area can be simultaneously serene and exciting. Complement the exquisite outdoor views with your own vision of contemporary gracious living within.


Elegant & practical interior remodeling

A handsome, well-ordered closet reduces stress, protects clothing, and makes daily tasks enjoyable, efficient, and satisfying. Keep your personal effects organized and accessible.

custom Decks and patios

Expand your living space

Enjoy the beauty, healthfulness, and serenity of the Bay Area’s natural environment by making the most of your outdoor access. Whether for restful privacy, entertaining family and friends, exercise and fun, or simply taking in the view, a deck or patio you love expands your options to enjoy your dream home.


True craftsmanship shows in the details

Look closer to see the difference that real artisans deliver in the details. Stone and tile work, paneling and other woodwork, floors and cupboards, soffits and reveals, paint and finishes, appliances, molding, lighting, home automation — the closer you look the more you see — and the more you understand why Wellbuilt can guarantee you’ll love our attention to detail.

Home office design

Efficiency in the comfort of your home

Create a place to support your personal and professional endeavors. A home office is convenient, practical, and functional. Your personal workspace can both reflect and support your focus and style.

Commercial renovation

Multi-tenant professional

Wellbuilt understands the demands of commercial codes and conventions, from ADA requirements to evacuation plans. Parking facilities, landscaping, multiple entrances, secure access systems — Wellbuilt works with all municipal ordinances and permitting bodies to bring commercial projects to successful and timely conclusions.